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Sleep, Focus, and CBD

What does the research say about CBD and our ability to concentrate?

CBD harbors various sedative properties and sedative effects and is used in pain relief and the treatment of anxiety, stress, seizures, and depression. CBD oil offers the same benefits as the cannabis plant without inducing the "high" feelings. Despite that fact, CBD does not increase serotonin levels in your brain, but it promotes a better flow of serotonin, which in turn means more focus and concentration.

A four-day studywas conducted on the link between sleep and CBD. Researchers from the Department of Neuroscience and Behavior at the University of São Paulo gave adult rats 2.5, 10, and 40 mg/kg CBD. Compared to a placebo, the rats given 10 or 40 mg/kg seemed to sleep longer and have less need for sleep during the day.

Although this study was conducted with rats, the results prompt more extensive studies. But then there's something else: not everyone falls asleep quickly. For example, daily tension, worrying, and worrying are known causes of a disturbed sleep pattern. What does the research say about CBD in that regard?

In a studypublished in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, stressed mice were given CBD. The researchers suggested that the stress-reducing potential of CBD may be due to an indirect relationship with the CB1 receptor. Due to the increase in the amount of anandamide (also known as the 'happiness molecule') in the brain, the researchers believe that the endocannabinoid system may regulate the stress response.

Does CBD oil improve "focus"?

One of the functions of our endocannabinoid system is to help regulate neurotransmitter levels in the brain. The neurotransmitters are the chemicals that make brain cells function when they attach to specific receptors on the neurons. These neurotransmitters control everything we do — from breathing and heart rate to pain, mood, appetite, and sleep. But they also regulate sensory and motor functions. And yes, they also play a crucial role in energy, focus, attention, concentration, and memory. Any deviation in their levels can lead to poor attention and focus, depression, increased anxiety, lack of sleep, and others.

CBD affects the endocannabinoid system. It helps the endocannabinoid system function better and improves overall performance. CBD can reduce various symptoms that worsen our physical, mental, and emotional well-being by supporting the endocannabinoid system.