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What’s the cause for oily skin?

Oily skin is often a direct result of increased sebum production. Oily facial skin can be very annoying, especially when it manifests itself in pimples, blackheads or a shiny face. With the right skin care, you can prevent oily skin or a shiny face.

How do you recognize oily skin?

Oily skin often looks shiny, especially around the nose, chin and forehead, also known as the T-zone. Often blackheads or pimples are visible on the skin, especially on the nose, chin and forehead. The skin often feels oily and this gets worse during the day. With oily skin, make-up often remains more difficult.

How does oily skin develop?

Oily skin can have various causes. It can be a predisposition, but also hormonal changes such as fluctuations during puberty, use of contraception or pregnancy can contribute to oily skin. Oily skin often shows impurities. This is caused by excessive sebum production, which means that the skin is unable to process the excess of sebum. The pores are dilated and quickly become clogged. This way, pimples or blackheads can easily arise.

How can you best take care of oily skin?

It is important to balance oily skin. Preferably do not take care of your skin with products that dry out or irritate the skin. They give you the feeling that they help the skin at first, but in the long run such products worsen oily skin.

Cleansing oily facial skin

Proper cleansing is very important for oily skin. Do not choose aggressive soap products. These stimulate the sebaceous glands extra, making the skin even oilier. Cleanse oily skin both morning and evening with a mild water-soluble cleansing product.

Care products for oily skin

We offer various products for the correct care of oily skin. From specific cleaning products to a cream for oily skin.

What to do against oily skin?

With oily skin, it is therefore important to bring the skin back into balance. Oily skin is caused by increased sebum production. Regularly cleaning your skin with a mild cleanser and applying a cream especially for oily and combination skin will certainly help.