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Evening primrose oil for a clear skin

Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose and is a 100% vegetable oil. Evening primrose is a beautiful flower with four beautiful petals and fresh white and yellow colors. The flowers are upright or slanting upwards and can sometimes grow up to two meters high! Although the height can vary a lot, sometimes they are only sixty centimeters.

The evening primrose lives on average for two years and goes through the winter strongly. They have a very special and mysterious property that they only bloom when the night falls, but the next morning they are already gone.

What makes evening primrose oil so special?

Evening primrose oil has a special effect on our body and thanks to recent research into the chemistry of essential fatty acids, we know why. The secret lies in one of the ingredients: gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Evening primrose oil is one of the richest sources (9%) of this essential acid. Most vegetable oils contain a lot less GLA.

Unfortunately, this omega 6 fatty acid is hardly found in our food. In our body, it is formed by linoleic acid, but the conversion of linoleic acid to GLA can often falter. Especially if you consume a lot of saturated fats, carbohydrates, or alcohol, things can go wrong. As you age, the enzyme delta-6-desaturase disappears. This enzyme is extremely important for the conversion to GLA. That is why it is wise for the elderly to ingest this substance in a different way.

Evening primrose oil, therefore, contains essential fatty acids. These fatty acids have different functions in the body. One, and the most important, is the production of prostaglandin. This is a hormone-like substance that is excellent for digestion and brain functions. Essential fatty acids also provide good support for the heart and blood vessels.

Interesting fact: Babies are naturally supplied with gamma-linolenic acid. This is because human breast milk contains an enormous amount of this natural source.

Evening primrose oil for skincare

Evening primrose oil, one of the main active ingredients in I.D. Swiss Botanicals No Breakout Elixir,  ensures that the skin receives the correct and important nutrients, increasing the elasticity of the skin and stimulating sebum production. Moreover, this oil moisturizes the skin excellently and also ensures a good hair and nail structure. It is therefore a perfect oil to remedy the complaints below.

  • For red and sensitive skin      
  • Against premature skin aging
  • Against rough and chapped skin
  • Against dry or flaky skin
  • Reduced hair growth
  • To strengthen nails

You can apply the oil directly to your skin after showering or cleansing the skin. Evening primrose oil can be massaged all over your body. Pay extra attention to the places where you think it is necessary. For example, think of wrinkles, irregularities, and dry spots. To make the evening primrose oil smell extra nice, it is common to add essential oils (max 1%).

It is best to apply Evening Primrose Oil before going to sleep. While you sleep, your skin is fully engaged in repairing, so that the oil can do its job optimally. The next morning your skin will be nourished. Of course, you can also apply the oil to dry spots during the day.

Evening primrose oil is also ideal as a hair mask. Divide the oil over your scalp and massage it in well. Wash your hair as you normally would and the end result is a soft head of hair.